Thursday, August 30, 2012

On Music - Ambition

Music from anti-consciousness is the next frontier.

In 'On Being'. the author Peter Atkins talks about the actual moment of creation, getting something from nothing, and not trying to speculate on what actually happened, he shows that it is possible to  speculate on such things without invoking a divine agent of some kind

In doing so he raises the following point, if you take electrical charge for example, the net electrical charge of the universe is 0, but it is divided into equal portions of + and - charged things. Physical space is another example, simplified to two spatial dimensions, the sum total of infitinte dimensions in opposite directions is still 0. So the act of creation was not making something from nothing, but instead the sundering of nothing into two opposites that still total nothing

The list goes on and manages to encompass the fundamental constituents of existence.

Taken to an extreme,  the conclusion could be reached that the act of creation itself always the includes the introduction of something, and its opposite as an essential part of leaving the universe unchanged.

Art, including music is an act of creation that requires consciousness. We were forced to speculate then on whether consciousness is also a fundamental element, and if so what the implications of it's creation mean.

The answer was clear - from the void nothing was separated into consciousness and it's opposite. It's existence is the expenditure of energy to render noise into a signal that is self-recognizing. It's fate will be the slow process of the introduction of disorder, and the return of this signal back to noise, once again indistinguishable from the void.

What we are stuck on is - what is the opposite of consciousness? It can't be the absence of consciousness, because that is nothing, it would instead have to  be a kind of anti-consciousness

That would be the kind of music we would want to make.

Once we know what it is.

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