Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gemini 7 Bogey

Taken from transcripts from the Gemini 7 astronauts as recorded by NASA mission control.
The brilliant body of the sun against a black background.

Video on YouTube:

01:43:23 C I have a bogey at 10 o'clock high.
01:43:31 CC This is Houston. Say again, VII.
01:43:34 C Said we have a bogey at 10 o'clock high.
01:43:37 CC Roger.
01:43:50 CC Gemini VII, is that the booster or is that an actual sighting?
01:43:55 C ...
01:43:59 CC Say again, VII.
01:44:01 C Said ... we have several - looks like ... actual sighting.
01:44:05 CC Do you have any more information, estimated distance, or size?
01:44:11 C We also have the booster in sight.
01:44:14 CC Understand you also have the booster in sight.
01:44:17 C ... there are very many - looks like hundreds of little particles going by from the left out about 3 or 4 miles.
01:44:33 CC Understand you have many small particles going by on the left. At what distance?
01:44:40 C ... looks like ...
01:44:48 CC Roger. Understand they're about 3 or 4 miles away?
01:44:52 C They're past now; they're in a polar orbit.
01:44:55 CC Roger. And understand they were about 3 to 4 miles away? 01:45:00 C That's what it appeared like, or farther.
01:45:03 CC Roger.
01:45:04 CC Gemini VII, Houston. Were these particles in addition to the booster and the bogey at 10 o'clock hight
01:45:25 C ...
01:45:28 CO Roger.
01:45:29 C Houston, this is VII.
01:45:33 CC Go ahead.
01:45:34 C I have the booster on my side and the brilliant body of the sun against a black background with billions of particles around it.
01:45:43 CC Roger. What direction is it from you?
01:45:56 C It's about 2 o'clock position.
01:45:51 CC Does that mean it's ahead of you?
01:45:55 C It's - ahead of us at 2 o'clock and it's slowly tumbling.
01:45:59 CC Roger.

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