Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sounds of the Jakarta Streets

Traffic, prayer calls, tropical rain, and some would swear the sound of pollution itself, the streets of Jakarta offer a unique cacophony to its residents. Indonesian music's embracing of sharp dissonance and garish costumes gives its buskers a powerful hold over the attention of passersby, as I recently learned on my way home from work recently.

These sounds, captured on only a mobile phone voice recorder, were accompanied by two dreamlike figures slowly bobbing their way down the street.

Giant Masks of the street dancers - sorry for the poor quality
Their dance was merely slow vertical arm moments, and a soft bobbing like astronauts walking on the lunar surface. 

It was difficult to stop an enjoy with the swarm of people accompanying the band and dancers collecting money from the crowd, but nevertheless is a welcome addition to the unique soundscape of this city.

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